Swimming pool

We have a Myrtha Lined Swimming Pool which is 25 meters long and 4 lanes wide. The pool is 0.9 meters deep at the shallow end and 1.8 meters deep at the deep end. The Swimming Pool is of modern design, giving the pool hall a bright and airy feel. The pool hall is glass fronted promoting an outdoor feel and helps control the climate in this environment. The pool is completely user friendly with steps and a disabled hoist to assist users to enter and exit the pool. There is also a hedgehog styled water feature at the shallow end of the swimming pool. 





                                Child Admission Policy


Children under the age of four must be accompanied by a responsible person (16+) on a one to one basis.


Children aged between four and seven must be accompanied by a responsible person (16+) on a maximum of two children to one adult.


Children aged eight and over do not need adult supervision.



Adult Swim                                                                     £3.70


Adult Fun Swim                                                             £4.60


Adult Spectator                                                             £1.40


Aquatrim                                                                         £4.15


Junior/Concession/Unemployed Swim                   £2.80


Junior/Concession/Unemployed Fun Swim           £3.40


Junior/Concession/Unemployed Spectator           £0.75



                          Combination Activites


Swim/Gym                                                                        £9.15


Swim/Sauna                                                                     £9.70


Gym/Sauna                                                                      £11.85


Swim/Gym/Sauna                                                          £14.35



                                Swimming Lessons


Group Lessons (10 week block)                                   £41.25

*1 instructor: 10 children with the help of in water assistants


Private Lessons (10 week block)                                  £88.50

*1 instructor: 1 child 


We also offer a Starfish Class for children under three years old.


Starfish Class                                                                      £4.10

* Parents must be in the water with their children on a 1:1 ratio,

   an instructor will be in the water also.








Child Admissions Policy

Aged 8 and Over - No Adult Required

Aged 4-7 - 1 Adult per 2 Children

Aged 3 and Under - 1 Adult per Child

Visions Leisure Centre reserves the right to refuse entry when necessary.

Under certain circumstances, we may ask for proof of age.



Above is the pool timetable scheduling swimming lessons, starfish classess and other fun activities such as the fun swim or adults only sessions. The grey areas on the above timetable indicate when the pool is closed and the white areas indicate when the pool  is open for public swimming with no other activities happening.


Please note, all activities within the timetable are shared access with general swimming unless stated otherwise.














*Please note that the Swimming Pool closes approximately 1 hour before the centre closing time stated above.

7am - 9.45pm

12.30pm - 9.45pm

12.30pm - 9.45pm

7am - 9.45pm

7am - 9.45pm

9am - 2:15pm

9am - 1:45pm




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